History of the Butte Community Health Center


 1986   First grant written by Alan Strange who was the first executive director.
(presently Alan Strange is the Executive Director of the Montana Primary Care Association)
Dr. Wilkinson and Dr. MrGree hired as first physicians
Center located in the County Health Department building 25 W.Front Street
Incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit
Moved location to 401 S. Alabama medical office building  
 1987     Judy McLaughlin Fiscal officer hired as front office/bookkeeping staff
 1989  Jean Gendreau joined the Board of Directors as a consumer member
Al O'Brien PA first Physician Assistant hired for the CHC
 1990  Linda Reed became Executive Director
Debbie Edsal became Executive Director
Bev Johnson hired as a bookkeeper
First Computer at the CHC
 1992  Financial crisis-Region VIII program directors called in to stabilize center
 1993  Bob Chuprinski hired as Executive Director
Cost reports first instituted for Medicaid and Medicare
Contracted services for OB and pediatrics established
 1996  Jeff Struble hired as Executive Director
 1997  Dr. Kevin Sanville hired as NHSC scholar
Spring - Moved location to permanent building at 445 Centennial
 1999  Dr. Buzz Tackach hired
June - Cindy Stergar hired as Executive Director
Mini financial restructuring summer
 2000     Received first Rural Health Outreach grant PAL which provided mental health services on a full time basis
First Case manager hired - Cynthia Evans
First employed nurse practitioner hired - Patricia Carrick
 2001  CHC accepted into national collaborative for chronic disease management - diabetes*
First dental clinic opens for CHC off site across from St. James Hospital 326 S. Jackson
First dentist hired in summer - JP Bartoletti
First Health Care for Homeless grant (HCH)received in summer
Established two off sites HCH clinics: Rescue Mission and Homeward Bound
Dr. Susan Shepard hired as first employed pediatrician for CHC
First pharmacy grant received in collaboration with school of pharmacy at U of M
First pharmacist hired October - Tammy Cox, Pharm.D
 2002  First internal medicine board certified geriatricans hired: Dr. Kumar NHAHC Excel leadership program: Judy McLaughlin, Pat McGree, Cindy Stergar-Ex. Direct
September 2002 Awarded Expansion grant for Beaverhead and Madison Counties
Opened Dillon CHC December and Twin Bridges satellite clinics
 2003  Dr. Heaton arrives (DO family practice)
CHC engages in second national collaborative-Depression*
September opened up new dental at the 445 Centennial site
Moved from traditional mental health model to integrated Behavioral Health model.
 2004  Dr. Heaton became the medical director
CHC accepted into the third collaborative Access-Redesign*
August - converted Dr. Googe's private practice to a CHC in Sheridan
August - Dr. Madany began practice at Dillon CHC
Office of Performance Review performed their OPR reveiw at Center - we passed.
Purchased Mac's Pharmacy and opened it as Mac's CHC Pharmacy September 7, 2004
 2005  Dr. Abo-Deeb pediatrician began practice in February
Dr. Mike LeFever began practice in March
May - Awarded second Rural Health Outreach Grant for SAP (Sexual Abuse Prevention)
July - New pediatric Pharmacy wing opens


Brief History of the Dillon and Sheridan CHC

 2001  Discussion begins between Barrett Hospital and Butte CHC
 2002 Formal Proposal voted on by Barrett hospital and medical staff to move forward
Cindy made a formal proposal to the Barrett Hospital board and to the medical staff about whether to move forward with the grant for a satellite in Dillon. That group voted yes to move forward with the grant through Butte CHC and not a a stand alone through a Dillon sponsor.
September - Awarded Satellite grant to Butte CHC
December - Doors open in Dillon and Twin Bridges
Doors opened at a temporary space at the Evergreen Center in Dillon on December 1, 2002 and at the Twin Bridges Clinic for Wednesdays. Four core services had to be offered to all patients: primary care, dental, behavioral health and pharmacy.
Two dentists in Dillon (Johnson and McCollum and on in Sheridan, Bartoletti) agreed to arrangements to see CHC dental patients.
Western Montana College approached the CHC in 2003 to be their student health center. After much discussion with the hospital, local doctors, and the university, the university awarded the contract to the CHC ($10,000.00 to provide primary care to college students) thus the Dillon CHC is unique in that it is a student health center for college students which often resemble an urgent care model.
 2002    U of M at Western awarded student health 3 year student health contract to CHC
In 2003 the university went out for RFP (Request for Proposal) and at least two were submitted. The university system awarded a 3 year contract for Student Health Services to the CHC for $15,000.00 a year.
 2004  Full time Sheridan CHC opens in August, 2004 (formally Dr. Sarah Googe's private practice).
Provides full time CHC access to patients in the western half of the Madison Valley.